International Conference
about hydropower engineering


calendar.png  September 22nd – 24th 2020      point.png  Hotel Duo, Prague

Professional contributions

Do not forget to fill in the annotation within the electronic application form in time.

Step 1
Fill in the electronic application form, choose Contribution "Yes" and select the type of contribution. ALWAYS it is necessary to fill in the annotation/content of the contribution (about 4 or 5 sentences). According to it, the conference team decides about acceptation of the contribution.

Step 2
Wait for our message! If your contribution will be accepted, we will send you information about it by the end of April.

Step 3
For each RECEIVED contribution (annotation) it will be necessary to send us the abstract (maximum of two pages – the form for it will be publishing), which will be printed in the abstracts´ catalog.

Step 4
The next steps will be different according to the type of contribution which you have chosen. You will be informed of these steps when you receive your contribution.


Important – excuse us, but no professional and advertising contributions may be excluded. For these cases please use advertising packages or other forms of sponsorship - see section For sponsors.


15 Jan 2020
Would you like to present your company during the conference?
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25 Feb 2020
Would you like to present your contribution?
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5 Mar 2020
You have more time for sending of the annotations!
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9 Jan 2020
In cooperation with Hotel Duo we opened the booking system.
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