The origins of Hydroturbo conference reach back to 1969. The first conference had been organized by prof. Miroslav Drückmüller and Ing. František Furenda, both members of Czechoslovak scientific and technological society. Prof. Miroslav Drückmüller had been a chairman of the Czech part of the technical group for the hydropower and Ing. František Furenda had been a chairman of the Slovak part of the technical group for the hydropower.


Both of these experts agreed on organizing of Hydroturbo conference. Originally, its main goal was to share the experience of the hydro turbine operating. After some time the group of the experts were broadened by designers and researchers from the hydropower area. First conference were held in Brno, Czechia, in 1969. The conference in Slovakia was first held in 1974. Since this time it has been alternately held in Czechia or in Slovakia. The period of the conference was different during its history. Nowadays it is the 2 years period.


The main advantage of this conference is that it connects the operators, the designers and the researchers from the hydropower field. The conference is international but the main number of the participants is from Czechia and Slovakia. Now the conference is organized by organization committee which is led by some company or institute from Slovakia or Czechia.


There is list of continuous participants and organizers:

  • ČKD Blansko Engineering, a.s.,
  • ČKD Blansko Holding, a.s.,
  • E.ON Energy, a.s.,
  • ČEZ a.s. – Hydroelectric Power Stations,
  • Slovak Power Plants, a.s.,
  • AQUATIS a.s.,
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava,
  • Brno University of Technology.